Specialist in Optoelectronics


Repumpable, liquid nitrogen dewars for detectors and LED's operation at 77°K.

Single, two and three stage thermoelectric coolers with our own optional temperature controller (TE-TC).

State of the art Thermoelectric Temperature Controller (TE-TC)

Detectors preamplifiers (for both photovoltaic and photoconductive detectors, standard and custom design).

LED pulse generator (LED-PG) for IR emitters.

Optical Gas Cells Infrared LED-based gas monitors offer the advantages of compact size, stable calibration and low power consumption compared to conventional monitors

Optical Cell Evaluation Kit (OCEK), Supplied as emitter/ detector signal conditioning circuitry or as an integral circuit.

Our electronic and optical engineers can help with evaluation, design and manufacture for your
OEM application.

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