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Solomat replacement products, service and calibration is now provided by LMS water, these services were formally provided by Neotronics/ Zellweger Analytics, please contact us for more information.

LMS water
is a manufacturer/ supplier of hand held water quality monitors and probes for measuring, Temperature, pH, Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity, Turbidity, Depth, Redox, Flow and Ion Concentration.


The 520c is an easy to use and calibrate hand held battery operated multifunction water quality instrument with a clear digital display. The 520c can be fitted with individual electrodes suitable for field and laboratory use and supplied with manuals and an AC adaptor.


The WP4007 is a powerful hand held battery operated multichannel datalogging water proof instrument with digital display. The WP4007 is suitable for use with individual electrodes and the 803PS Sonde. Up to 32 measurements channels can be continuously scanned, displayed and logged for later analysis. The WP4007 is supplied with manuals, CS6 analytical software and an AC adaptor.

803PS Sonde

The 803PS Sonde is a compact, immersible, multiparameter probe used with the WP4007 data logger to measures pH, Temperature, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, Ammonium/ Ammonia, Depth, Redox and Ion Concentration. The 803PS Sonde is usable at depths ranging from 0 to 100 meters meters (0 to 10 bar).


We manufacture/ supply a wide range of Electrodes for various applications for use in the water industry, building services, laboratories, food and drinks industries, Estuaries, and industrial processes.