The LMS Environmental Monitoring System is used to monitor and log data for a wide range of air quality and environmental parameters. It can monitor up to 24 channels.


Typical Air Quality Parameters


  Relative Humidity RH%

  Carbon Dioxide CO2

  Carbon Monoxide CO

  Oxygen O2

Typical Weather Station Parameters


 Relative Humidity RH%


 Air Pressure

 Air Speed

 Wind Direction

 Rain Fall

 Sun Light

 Special systems are available upon request, contact LMS for further details.

 System Features:

 Rain Fall

            Up to 24 channels input

            Alarm outputs

             Microsoft windows based software with powerful graphic data display

 Real-Time data display to a PC via RS 232 serial port

 Low Power, mains or battery supply

 PCMCIA memory card option

 Modem option: for complete control of the system from a remotely located PC equipped with a modem


Systems can be tailored to customer's requirements for different applications.

Please contact Laser Monitoring Systems for further details.